About me

Tomasz Kaczmarek MCSPChartered Physiotherapist, HCPC registrated,
– Master of Physiotherapy graduated in 2007 (University School of Physical Education, Poznań, Poland)
Osteopathy Teacher Assistant from 2015 at Akademia Osteopatii, Poznan, Poland (http://www.akademiaosteopatii.pl)
Courses and Trainings:
Paediatrics part I of V (Newborn and child development – neuroimmunological evolution)
Paediatrics part II (Fascial techniques in pediatry, Embryological and physilogical iisues, Child’s approach to verticalization and gravity, Psychomotor development of the child and practical workshops)
Paediatrics part III (Pulmonology system in children)
Urogynecology (Chronic pelvic pain treatment, pelvic floor associate disorders, infertility and chronic health problems of women)
Brain part I of IV (Brain tissue injuries/lesions of CNS : theory and practice, intercranial somatic dysfunction, regulation of the Autonomic NS, microanatomy and microphysiology, universal rhythms, release techniques)
Brain part II (Reticular alarm system, mechanical restrictions of venctricular system and the central canal, dysfunctions of the dura mater, arachnoid and pia mater, nerve roots of the spinal cord, thalamic nucleus for ascending and descending routes)
Brain part III (Techniques for extracellular fluid(EFT) at the periphery for the spinal cord, cerebellum and brain, vestibular nucleus, maintain balance, cochlear nucleus, auditory roads, autonomic innervation, embryology of the brain and heart
Head from osteopathic point of view (Introduction to Kinesiology, vascular techniques and work with the brain)
Lymphatic system (Palpation, diagnosis and treatment of lymphatic system)
Deep Tissue Massage
Muscle Dysbalans
Active Release Technique
Muscle Energy Technique