Best Physio Bournemouth is run by Tomasz Kaczmarek – Chartered Physiotherapist. Tomasz specialises in paediatric physiotherapy, treatment of musculoskeletal and visceral pain, sport or work related injuries, pregnant women. This website was created to allow You to choose an appropriate treatment for your pain and lead You to a life without pain at full efficiency.
The purpose of my therapy and rehabilitation, preceded by a detailed diagnosis, is to eliminate not only the symptoms of pain, but primarily the cause of it occurrence. In my therapy I use the latest, most effective methods of therapeutic treatment which are painless and completely safe. Post-traumatic and post-operative rehabilitation also brings quick results.
Interview and palpation during the visit are crucial. Reaching the sources of dysfunction is the foundation for clinical work with patients. The causes of dysfunction may have source way back in time, like states after injuries (including childbirth), and postoperative recovery from infectious diseases, improper hygiene of life and work, mental stress.
Palpation of the patient determines the most probable sequence of formation of dysfunction.
After the diagnosis treatment begins leading to a homeostasis in the body of the patient and initiates process of self healing.


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